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Home Security is Our Speciality

Safer Home Burglary Reduction provides “target hardening” throughout West Yorkshire because no home should be a target for burglary.  Working with West Yorkshire Police, local Community Safety partnerships and voluntary agencies we secure properties against the threat of burglary and reducing fear of burglary.

“Target hardening” includes the fitting of additional security measures to a property, such as window/door locks, and door chains.  For example attention is paid to uPVC doors, which have been identified by the West Yorkshire Police as a common entry point for burglars; weak Euro Cylinders are replaced by more robust anti-bump and anti-snap Euro Cylinders.

Meeting Your Security Needs
  • Top Security Tips

    All Safer Homes Burglary Reduction clients are provided with free security advice to help them secure their homes.  Many of the ideas are simple - making your home more secure need not cost a lot.

  • Before you leave your property, make sure that all windows and doors are secured. An open window or door is an open invitation for burglars.

  • Do not leave any windows open unless you are in the room.

  • Never tell anyone that you are on your own.

  • Keep the door locked at all times and remove the key. Even if you are only in the garden, keep your door locked!

  • Always use door viewers/chains (if fitted) when answering the door in order to check the identity of the caller. Make sure you check ID properly.

  • Do not leave door chains on – only use when answering the door.

  • Keep any spare keys to the property in a safe place and out of sight

    Never leave clues that you are away from home, cancel milk and paper deliveries if you are going away, on holiday or into hospital.

    If you have any further questions, please contact the Safer Home Burglary Reduction Team on 0845 519 2122

    Safer Home doesn't just fit door and window locks, but gives added value through providing advice on: general Community Safety, Fire Safety, Fuel Poverty, Property Marking Equipment, Visual Deterrents.

  • Only deal with people by appointment & phone the company they are from to confirm ID. Do not use the phone number on their ID badge, find it in the phone book or from a reliable source.

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safer home burglary reduction
safer home burglary reduction
safer home burglary reduction
safer home burglary reduction
safer home burglary reduction
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