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Residential Services

For over 13 years, Safer Home Staff have worked with local communities, West Yorkshire Police and other statutory agencies tackling crime and the fear of crime. We are dedicated to improving community safety.

Safer Home works towards achieving a situation where every individual can live their life free of the fear of crime and in safer communities.


Safer Home Burglary Reduction provides “target hardening” throughout West Yorkshire because no home should be a target for burglary. With staff having worked with West Yorkshire Police, local Community Safety partnerships and voluntary agencies we secure properties against the threat of burglary, reducing fear of burglary.

“Target hardening” includes the fitting of additional security measures to a property, such as window/door locks, and door chains.  For example attention is paid to uPVC doors, which have been identified by the West Yorkshire Police as a common entry point for burglars; weak Euro Cylinders are replaced by more robust anti-bump and anti-snap Euro Cylinders.

Safer Leeds analysis of burglaries has shown that the repeat burglary rate for properties target hardened is 2%, which is very favourable when compared to repeat burglary rates in non target hardened properties of 8%. This shows that target hardening significantly reduces chances of being a victim of burglary.

The average cost of target hardening is £150, compared to the average cost of a burglary which is £1800.

Safe Home is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Locks Change/Repair


Specialist in combating the euro cylinder snapping issue. Having worked alongside the Police and other partners in raising the standards

Garage Locks
  • Suitable for up and over garage doors

  • Armoured padlock included

  • Unit locks into steel base to block tilt action of door

  • Sold Secure Bronze approved

Door Intercoms

Intercoms enable communication between two or more rooms, or between one or more rooms and a box outside your front door. Thus they can be used to talk to a caller at your door before you decide whether to let them in.

Shed Security
This is a strong steel defense that can be fitted to a variety of shed sizes. The bar is attached to the door frame with secure bolts. Entry and exit to the shed is still easily achieved as the shed bar is hinged


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